Monday, December 1, 2008

My mom found a prayer in one of her old books and I want to share it cause it's about thanksgiving and we should start this month of December with this wonderful prayer by Josephine Wyma:


Praise be to GOD! So let us sing,
And to His throne our thanks we bring
For food and clothes, for friends and kin,
For saving us from death and sin.

He sent His Son to set us free;
He gave His all for you and me.
He set our feet upon a rock,
We are Christ sheep; He knows His flock.

We thank our God that we can pray
And talk to Him from day to day;
We, thank Him for His precious Word,
In which He shows that He is Lord.

We thank our God for His great care,
For countless blessings we can share
With those who know not what He’s done
To show His love through Christ His Son.

Oh, may we not neglect His call
To live for Him and do our all
To save lost souls from sin and shame—
Oh, let us praise God’s holy name!

Josephine Wyma


crochet lady said...

I stumbled across your blog when I was searching for other bloggers who like writing poems. When I saw your profile, I thought I would take a look at your blog. My husbands aunt and uncle spend 25yearts in the Phillipines, and I have hear a lot about that country. I thought it might be neat to say hello. I am a Christian and appreciated reading some of your blog.

dee gold said...

Thanks for stopping by.I'll also visit your blog.God bless you.