Tuesday, July 29, 2008

God's Presence ,Needed Badly

We had a Bible study two weeks ago and because I was the one to lead, I asked those who attended to write on the papers that I have given them all the sickness and diseases of this world and at the back of the papers all the sins that they have done. I gave them red ball pens to use in writing. Why Red? I wanted them to remember that the blood of Christ can cleanse all the sins and diseases of this world.When they were through I asked them to put all the papers inside a can and then we lighted a matchstick and watched them burn.We ended it with a prayer that focused on making us stronger for Him.
Right now, I can still see how important that moment was not only for them but for me.There were times that I really wanted to share that I am a Bible study leader and that I am willing to help others be closer to God but I can't because I am still struggling as an individual and as a servant of God.There were moments that though God was always beside me, I was the one pushing Him away.Maybe because I was so busy or because sometimes I really didn't think about what He wanted for me. I became focused on what I wanted for myself and didn't take time to ask Him or consult Him on all the things that I was doing. I didn't take time to really listen to the things that God was saying whenever He wanted me to feel His presence. I really felt ashamed for being one of those who have no time to pray . Oh, I knew from the start that I needed His strength and so all my weaknesses were written on those blank white papers two weeks ago.
May God's light continue to shine to all of us.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gold's Greeting: Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom's birthday and she's now 61 years old.May God continue to guide her and keep her healthy and safe. Here's a short poem about her.
M- Mommy is an inspiration not only to her family but also to people she meets
o- One and only, if you ask me, because God had chosen her to be
M- Many wonderful blessings and people came today to greet


Here's the picture of dad's favorite singer Elvis and if dad is alive I'm sure he'll say that picture reminded me of our younger years .