Friday, December 30, 2011

Gold's Prayer to God # 15:Prayer for 2012

Dear God,
I bow my head today to praise You Father.In a few moments from now it will be 2011.May Your heavenly Presence be felt by everyone.In the midst of the celebration for the welcoming of the new year may you become the center.We are all caught up by  the " fireworks" of life and we forget the real reason why we are living and that's to give back the glory to You for everything that we do.Lord, may You smile up above cause You'll see Your children praising You.We claim that more blessing would come to our lives and that You would carry us from everything that we need to face.We love You,Father.In Your mighty and powerful name,Amen.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gold's Prayer to God # 14

Dear God,
Yesterday I realized how important it is to pray and thank You everyday.
Now,I would try to start my day praying. I would love to make You smile above when You see me kneel down to speak with You.
I used to have prayers focusing on my needs or about  my family or persons I know but now I want to include people I don't know who need prayers.I want to pray for people who are hungry, don't know You and children from the different places of this world who are orphans or drug addicts.I hope by doing so I can make a difference because I know You'll be there to help.
I told some youths in our church to pray for anyone whenever they'll receive text messages from their cellphones which of course will make them pray more often because texting is becoming their favorite hobby.
Lord, show us Your Light and may it guide us to pray for people who really need prayers.In the Sweetest name of Jesus,amen.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gold"s Prayer to God # 8 to 13

I don't write on my blogs regularly that's why you would notice that my short prayers from 8 to 13 would all be here in this page.
Dear God # 8
God, You're the best listener.Sometimes we tell other people about
our problems and triumphs and we forget to tell You.We are sometimes
more focused in our own world and we forget to include You.LOrd,
may we realize how important it is to bow down and pray.Thank You,

Dear God #9
Heavenly God,You sent Jesus to die for our sins and we are truly
grateful for all His sacrifices for us.Though we are sinners, we could
be saved by His Blood.We just need to believe and flee from our sins.
God help us to be strong when we are tempted to sin.Give us strength
to rebuke what is bad.Thank You for listening and guiding us.In the Mighty
Name of Jesus,Amen.

Dear God #10
We glorify Your Name Father.We can't be here without You.You are
the reason we're alive.Help us to see YOur purpose in our lives.Keep
us thirsty for Your presence.Amen

Dear God #11
God may we always follow Your will even if we are sometimes weak and follow the wider road which looks easier than follow the narrowroad that You wanted us to choose. If we fall from sins Oh Lord please have mercy on us and help us stand again.We know if we confess our sins 
You're ready to take us in Your arms and forgive. Help us to be strong and to do Your will.Amen.

Dear God #12
Jesus,the Savior of all mankind.We bow before you and confess our sins.
We were the reason why You died on the cross.Our sins were with You
and we were cleanse by believing.Lord Jesus,thank You for Your

Dear God #13
Let YOur Holy Spirit come upon us Lord.We to feel Your Holiness
in our lives.We need YOur Comfort.All these we ask in Your name.Amen

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gold's Prayer # 7

Gold's Memory Verse of the Day:
Casting all your cares upon Him cause He careth for you
                                                        I Peter 5:7 (KIJ)
Dear God #7: April 14,20111

Lord I cast all my cares upon You today.
I know You know what's best for me.
Your plans are perfect and just.
My heart is filled with hope and
inspiration because of Your presence.Amen.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gold's Prayer #6

Let's make it our purpose to be closer to God everyday.Praying to Him not only about large things but every little things that we do.
I was watching The Talk early this morning and the grascals sang I'm Strong a song they sang with Dolly Parton and it made me cry cause Yes, we can believe that we are strong .

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Official Grascals' website:

Dear God# 6: April 13,2011

What a might God,You are, my Lord.It always amaze me that You take time to listen
to every prayer I utter each day.You are so big and I'm so small but You keep on
showing me how important I am.Every little thing I do,I should do it in Your glory.
I may not be famous but if I smile at a stranger may it bring Your warmth to that person.
I become strong because You are my God.Amen.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gold"s Prayer to God 5

God listens to those who open their hearts to Him.Praying gives us the oppurtunity to speak to the Father above.

Dear God # 5: April 12,2011

Father God,we bow down to Your Holiness.
We know we could count on You to listen to us.
We believe that YOu understand all of us.
You made us different from one another and
that's what make us special in Your eyes.
Help us to become closer to You and
we hope through our daily prayer we will
become blessing to others.

Gold's Prayer to God 3 and 4

Sometimes we forget how simple praying is and if you're like me,  forgotten to give  priority to prayer before facing the challenges of daily living.
Let's practice praying everyday together.

Gold's Dear God # 3: April 10,2011

My God, You're the reason why we are here.
We are happy that You have chosen us as Your children.
We thanks You for Your loving hands that guide us in
everything that we do.You keep us safe from harm and
help us stay away from sins.
Continue to shower us with blessing and show us the
right path.In Jesus name,Amen.

Gold's Dear God # 4: April 11,2011

My Lord, my God.You are our Provider and giver of life, no matter what
we face in our everyday lives,we know You'll be right by our sides.
We pray for people who don't have food on their table right now.
Send someone to their homes Lord.May YOur miracle continue to
be felt by people young and old in every walks of life.
We ask all this in the mighty name of Jesus,Amen.

God love plus gold quote 2:

YOu are the Provider and Giver of life,no matter what we face in our everyday lives,we know You'll be right by our side.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Gold's Prayer to God 1 and 2

When I was a little girl ,a cousin of mine who lives in LA sent me my first Dear God Kid's Book and I treasured having a books that instilled in the minds of children that through prayer we can communicate and open up to God . It also showed us that we are free to pray wherever we are and whenever we want.
Sometimes we forget how simple praying is and if you're like me,  forgotten to give  priority to prayer before facing the challenges of daily living.
Starting today, I'll be a Dear God Adult.I'll take time to pray cause there are many things in this world that God wanted us to pray about.

Gold's Dear God #1:April 8,2011

My Heavenly Father,I glorify Your Name
God may Your Holiness and Graciousness fall upon us today.
Help those who are being abused today in any part of this world
especially women and children.
W e know You'll be their shining Light.In Jesus name.Amen.

Gold's Dear God #2: April 9,2011

Dear Heavenly God,Lord of all lords
I don't know if I am giving enough love to people who needs it.
Please help me pray more,feel more and give more love.
In the mighty name of Jesus.Amen.

God, Love Plus Gold Quote 1:

"Pray more,feel more and give more love."


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gold's First Blog: iNspiring Series

Inspiring Series

If you want to be inspired and to check my cute girl drawings,you can visit here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Attention to All the Single Ladies and the Single Men:5 Places to Find True Love | Socyberty

Loving and being love makes us feel happy.We always dream of finding that special someone who would be our happy ever after that is why it's important to know where we could fine him or her.
Read this article to find your true love,
Attention to All the Single Ladies and the Single Men:5 Places to Find True Love | Socyberty

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

God looks down at us whenever we look up

I took picture of a girl who was about to kiss her dad.I thought of our Father in heaven who always take care of us.Let us look up right now and send Him a kiss.We should thank Him for His everlasting love.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gold Loves Hiking

Hiking is fun and in this Triond Article that I 've written I gave 10 reasons how hiking can create a bond to young and old.
Hiking an Activity that bonds the young and the old

 I enjoyed our hiking and here's a peek of  a picture I've taken of my nieces with some of our older relatives.
 To see the rest of the photo,check:
Main Attraction: Let's Take A HIke