Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tokens of Love for Father's Day

I was assigned to prepare some tokens in our church for Father's day. Looking for simple but significant remembrance on Father's day was hard. Last night in one of the duty free stores, I found the perfect gifts for all the fathers in our church. Do you want to know what I bought for them? Small display plaques which are just right because I can paste the copies of the Father's Prayer on them.I really thank God for helping me find them. They are affordable and at the same time the right tokens for the Father's Day celebration. I believe that even though dad is no longer present here on earth,if he was alive he would be proud of me and that knowledge makes Father's day worth waiting for. The most important thing is that father's day would not be only for those on earth, it should be a day to celebrate a Father in heaven who is always with us.

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