Sunday, June 15, 2008

Love of a son: A surprise on Father's day

Father's day here in the Philippines is about to end but it sure was a memorable one.Not only because we had a delicious lunch at home with my in-laws and my mother but also because I felt happy that my four-year old son greeted his father without me reminding him. His dad told me that while I was still sleeping ,our son,Kurt, woke up early and went out to see him in the yard.I just want to insert before I continue that my husband is an early riser not like me. Back to the real topic, Kurt greeted his dad and told him that he will give him a surprise.Our son went inside and guess what he brought for his dad.I am not good with suspense so I'll go on and reveal what,Kurt took one of the tokens that he helped me make, which are to be used in the church, because he knew his dad will also be given one so he took the chance to be the one to give it. I didn't teach him to do that and I felt proud of my little boy.He really made Father's Day a very memorable one for his dad with his own little way.I thank God for giving me a thoughtful son.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tokens of Love for Father's Day

I was assigned to prepare some tokens in our church for Father's day. Looking for simple but significant remembrance on Father's day was hard. Last night in one of the duty free stores, I found the perfect gifts for all the fathers in our church. Do you want to know what I bought for them? Small display plaques which are just right because I can paste the copies of the Father's Prayer on them.I really thank God for helping me find them. They are affordable and at the same time the right tokens for the Father's Day celebration. I believe that even though dad is no longer present here on earth,if he was alive he would be proud of me and that knowledge makes Father's day worth waiting for. The most important thing is that father's day would not be only for those on earth, it should be a day to celebrate a Father in heaven who is always with us.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gold's Reminder:Don't let the enemy bite you

The five year old son of one of my co-workers bit my four year old son on the stomach. They were playing together for about fifteen minutes when I heard my little boy cry. His cousin who was looking after him told me about the incident.Though my son had a shirt on, the boy's teeth made a mark on his stomach and even scarred. Before it happened I tried to pull my son away from that boy because I noticed that he was pushing him.My son insisted that he would play with the boy for a few minutes longer while I talked to some people so I let him. I wanted my son to be independent and didn't think something like that would happened.I even thought that it might improve his social skills because he didn't have playmates at home.Now I really felt bad for him .His experienced with that playmate might make him suspicious of other kids.I talked with the boy's mom and she said her son's reason why he did that awful thing was because he wanted to play alone and that my son was a nuisance.His mother also added that it was the first time for her son to bit someone like that. I can't scold the boy because that was his mother's role. I didn't bother to tell that boy how bad he was though I really wanted to.I just told my son not to play with that boy again.I know it was not a good experience for my son. He didn't suspect there are kids like that.This made me realized how unaware we are every time the enemy strikes.He set an attractive trap while we are away from God and then bite us.We should always be on guard and we should be aware of God's warnings in order not to be bitten by sin.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do you love going to church?

I think to some people going to church maybe one of the hardest thing to do.I've observed that there are many people in the malls, theaters, sports complexes, and the like but few are seen in their churches.God is with us twenty four seven but are we with Him. I sometimes feel sad whenever there are occasions that I need to skip going to church but I feel sadder every time I feel lazy to go there.The saddest thing for me is being inside the church but not in there because of other things in mind besides worshiping God. I admit that teaching Bible Studies motivate me to go to church.It was one of the reasons why when our pastor asked me to teach, I didn't have second thoughts. I was happy to hear it because I really need something to do in order to be more enthusiastic when going to church. Now I pray that other people will also include themselves in some church activities but that doesn't mean that the activities will become the focus when going there.They are just part of it.The main reason and the priority will always be our Father in Heaven. It will be a dream come true if the churches are full of people who praises and glorify His name and yes will be the answer to, Do you love going to church?