Monday, May 26, 2008

Time with Him

I sometimes feel bad for neglecting my time with God. Sometimes praying becomes a task and I feel bad about that. I know God wants us to have a real relationship with Him not a scheduled one.I'm posting my prayer here to remind me to always find a quiet time with Him and include Him in everything that I do.

Dear God, I feel so bad
I never thought of you today
Now I feel really sad
For I didn't have time to pray
Please Lord help me listen
Help me feel Your loving presence
Let Your light above glisten
Cause nothing makes any sense
If You're not included in my list.
I hope that this prayer will be
A reminder to pray and bend my knees.
In the sweetest name of Jesus, Amen.


Belinda said...

Dear Dee,
Thanks for your encouragement on Stopping the Slide. I love your devotional blog.

dee gold said...

I feel happy that you took the time to post a comment.Thank you ma'am and may God continue to bless you!