Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do you love going to church?

I think to some people going to church maybe one of the hardest thing to do.I've observed that there are many people in the malls, theaters, sports complexes, and the like but few are seen in their churches.God is with us twenty four seven but are we with Him. I sometimes feel sad whenever there are occasions that I need to skip going to church but I feel sadder every time I feel lazy to go there.The saddest thing for me is being inside the church but not in there because of other things in mind besides worshiping God. I admit that teaching Bible Studies motivate me to go to church.It was one of the reasons why when our pastor asked me to teach, I didn't have second thoughts. I was happy to hear it because I really need something to do in order to be more enthusiastic when going to church. Now I pray that other people will also include themselves in some church activities but that doesn't mean that the activities will become the focus when going there.They are just part of it.The main reason and the priority will always be our Father in Heaven. It will be a dream come true if the churches are full of people who praises and glorify His name and yes will be the answer to, Do you love going to church?


Raine said...

hi ate dee! when churches are full of people who all truly worship and glorify God, that time then is true revival. i await that day as much as you do. keep up the faith! God bless!

dee gold said...

Raine, may God continue to bless you.