Tuesday, July 29, 2008

God's Presence ,Needed Badly

We had a Bible study two weeks ago and because I was the one to lead, I asked those who attended to write on the papers that I have given them all the sickness and diseases of this world and at the back of the papers all the sins that they have done. I gave them red ball pens to use in writing. Why Red? I wanted them to remember that the blood of Christ can cleanse all the sins and diseases of this world.When they were through I asked them to put all the papers inside a can and then we lighted a matchstick and watched them burn.We ended it with a prayer that focused on making us stronger for Him.
Right now, I can still see how important that moment was not only for them but for me.There were times that I really wanted to share that I am a Bible study leader and that I am willing to help others be closer to God but I can't because I am still struggling as an individual and as a servant of God.There were moments that though God was always beside me, I was the one pushing Him away.Maybe because I was so busy or because sometimes I really didn't think about what He wanted for me. I became focused on what I wanted for myself and didn't take time to ask Him or consult Him on all the things that I was doing. I didn't take time to really listen to the things that God was saying whenever He wanted me to feel His presence. I really felt ashamed for being one of those who have no time to pray . Oh, I knew from the start that I needed His strength and so all my weaknesses were written on those blank white papers two weeks ago.
May God's light continue to shine to all of us.

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IcyCucky said...

I volunteer for our church bible camp this summer, and I enjoy my time with some of my congregation! It opens my horizon..