Friday, April 8, 2011

Gold's Prayer to God 1 and 2

When I was a little girl ,a cousin of mine who lives in LA sent me my first Dear God Kid's Book and I treasured having a books that instilled in the minds of children that through prayer we can communicate and open up to God . It also showed us that we are free to pray wherever we are and whenever we want.
Sometimes we forget how simple praying is and if you're like me,  forgotten to give  priority to prayer before facing the challenges of daily living.
Starting today, I'll be a Dear God Adult.I'll take time to pray cause there are many things in this world that God wanted us to pray about.

Gold's Dear God #1:April 8,2011

My Heavenly Father,I glorify Your Name
God may Your Holiness and Graciousness fall upon us today.
Help those who are being abused today in any part of this world
especially women and children.
W e know You'll be their shining Light.In Jesus name.Amen.

Gold's Dear God #2: April 9,2011

Dear Heavenly God,Lord of all lords
I don't know if I am giving enough love to people who needs it.
Please help me pray more,feel more and give more love.
In the mighty name of Jesus.Amen.

God, Love Plus Gold Quote 1:

"Pray more,feel more and give more love."


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