Sunday, June 15, 2008

Love of a son: A surprise on Father's day

Father's day here in the Philippines is about to end but it sure was a memorable one.Not only because we had a delicious lunch at home with my in-laws and my mother but also because I felt happy that my four-year old son greeted his father without me reminding him. His dad told me that while I was still sleeping ,our son,Kurt, woke up early and went out to see him in the yard.I just want to insert before I continue that my husband is an early riser not like me. Back to the real topic, Kurt greeted his dad and told him that he will give him a surprise.Our son went inside and guess what he brought for his dad.I am not good with suspense so I'll go on and reveal what,Kurt took one of the tokens that he helped me make, which are to be used in the church, because he knew his dad will also be given one so he took the chance to be the one to give it. I didn't teach him to do that and I felt proud of my little boy.He really made Father's Day a very memorable one for his dad with his own little way.I thank God for giving me a thoughtful son.

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